Welcome to the RICH BITCH.

We are here to help, guide and support you to live the best possible VIP RICH BITCH life.

You deserve to live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life … filled with total awesomeness.

But, to obtain everything you desire you may have to learn a few new things along the way.

We’re here to help you get your mindset on point, learn how to use the REAL Law Of Attraction, discover how to manifest quickly and how to manage the most vital part of your life …

– Manage your money.

– Manage your happiness.

– Manage your mindset.

– Manage your success.

Are you ready to live the RICH BITCH lifestyle?

The law of attraction is a wonderful thing, but sadly far too many people are out there teaching and preaching it totally wrong or missing out vital core information.

We aim to bring you the REAl law of attraction methods, technique and information so that you can start using it right away to help manifest your best possible life.

Struggling to actually manifest what you want in life?

Feel like you only seem to manifest the shit you don’t want?

This is more common than you think and this is why we will be showing you, guiding you and teaching how to manifest PROPERLY and help you actually understand on a deeper level HOW it actually works.

To live and have your best possible life, you have to be willing to continually invest time into your own personal development.

We aim to bring you tools and articles that will help you to master your own personal development and really enjoy the whole growth process.

Personal development might not “sound” sexy, but the results sure are 🙂

Spiritual Development

I truly believe that to live a rich and full life then spiritual development is key.

But, I’m really not into that overly “woo-woo” shizzle. I’m more into bringing spirituality and science together as one to create much more powerful change.

I’m here to cut the fluff and help you become more connected to your spiritual side … but in a way EVERYONE … even the none-spiritual babes, can get on board with.

Once you start to manifest the money you really want, you’ll need to learn how to turn that money into actual WEALTH.

There is a big difference between being able to make money and being wealthy.

I want you to be truly wealthy so intend to teach and show you how to create real lasting wealth in your life.

Making money is easy … managing that money if more difficult. It takes financial intelligence to manage your money well.

I feel it is my responsibility to teach you how to handle all the money you’ll soon be manifesting and how to manage your money right now to ensure you start having real financial freedom in your life.

Rich Bitch Lifestyle

To me, living a RICH BITCH lifestyle means having total balance, freedom and abundance in ALL areas of your life.

This is where you bring everything you learn together to design and live your perfect, awesome, RICH BITCH life.

Remember, you deserve to be living your best life, being the best version of you and having amazing levels of happiness.


Hey beautiful lady, I’m Lisajane and I’m the creator of the RICH BITCH movement.

I’m on a HUGE mission to help real millennial women to live a totally awesome fulfilled and abundant life.

I’m so over seeing people trying to “teach” people about he law of attraction and manifesting in the totally wrong way and with zero responsibility.

What do I mean by responsibility?

Well, in my eyes … it’s all well and good teaching people how to manifest a shit load of money, or a house or whatever but unless you are also teaching then how to manage that money, how to finically intelligent and how to actually create wealth … then that is totally irresponsible.

I’m here to teach it ALL!

Money – wealth – abundance!

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