If you’re reading this right now you probably have been broke, are broke, or know someone who is struggling with being broke.

The pain and suffering of being in this state is truly awful, it really fucking sucks … I know all to well what this feels like.

Being broke causes thoughts of despair, feelings of failure, desperation, struggle, lack and need.

Being broke prevents us from reaching our potential, from living our lives freely.

Being broke prevents us from being wealthy.

How is this possible?

Like attracts like.

Being broke attracts more experiences of being broke.

It is a vicious cycle or a loop of doom as I like to call it, one that can very easily be transformed once we understand the fundamental laws of how our mind and spirit interact with the universe.

It is your underlying state of BEING, in this case, being broke, that creates the resultant thoughts and feelings in your mind.

As a package, this whole message is broadcast to the universe, which in return gives you more of the same … experiences of being broke.

One of the laws of manifestation is that we must BE before we can DO, and DO before we can HAVE.

Of course modern society has twisted this all around.

Being broke is a powerful message we are sending to the universe and ourselves. We are in a state of BEING, and it is broke. This will inform our actions to act in ways to continue to be broke, and we will continue to have this condition of being broke in our lives.

Your life experience is an outer reflection of your inner reality.

All the thoughts and feelings you hold, consciously and unconsciously, are what create the experience that is your life. Your past created your present, and your present is creating your future.

It can be hard to understand that we are responsible for what we experience.

I remember when I was suffering from depression and was constantly unhappy, and then experiencing events that I perceived as causing me to be unhappy. Then I would say to myself, I am unhappy because of this … no wonder I am unhappy. I was trapped in my own loop of doom and had no idea it was me who was responsible for my experiences of unhappiness.

To break the cycle I first needed to know what was broken in order to fix it.

It was the message I was sending out.

I found there was a very simple way to fix it.

If I notice one day that I am feeling low and understand that BEING unhappy is the cause of my continuing experience of unhappiness, it is that day that I can choose to change.

All I need to do to break the cycle is … choose to be happy.

It doesn’t take anything from outside myself to be happy … all our TRUE happiness always comes from within … it comes from us … WE are the masters and creators of our own true happiness levels.

All I have to do is gain awareness, pause, and pull up from within myself the state of being happy, replacing the unhappiness.

We all have this capacity.

Choosing is an exercise of free will.

You can choose to BE happy, healthy, wealthy, whatever you desire.

Take a moment right now and just BE happy.

It is possible for anyone to do and a very powerful exercise once you have done it and understood it. If you are being happy, you will do things that make you happy, and you will attract happy experiences into your life.

Being happy is the first step towards living a happy, fulfilled, abundant life. It seems almost like a riddle, but understanding it unravels the secrets of life.

If you find yourself broke, look within.

You’ll find you feel broke, and are in a powerful state of BEING.

The awareness of this gives you the choice.

You can choose your state of being.

Imagine what it is like to feel wealthy.

Take that feeling and hold it, you are now BEING wealthy.

This is how to break the vicious cycle of being broke. By BEING wealthy, you are now transforming the signals you are broadcasting. You are emanating wealth and the laws of cause and effect have no choice but to bring to you what you already are.

Now your actions will begin to bring to you the wealth you feel inside.

By being conscious of your states of being, you can choose to change them.

The positive results will return to you without fail, following the natural laws of the universe.



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If you have trouble feeling wealthy and being able to visualise and make real the feeling of wealth and abundance … make it easier on yourself. Make a list of simple things you associate with being wealthy and abundant. Maybe there is a local coffee shop that seems to attract all the wealthy people, or maybe there is a super posh 5-star hotel nearby.

Once you have your list, look to see which of those things, places, etc you can go to NOW and experience.

Go and have a coffee in that coffee shop, book yourself in for afternoon tea at the 5-star hotel, go spend the afternoon walking around Harrods, trying on clothes etc.

Anything that you can do right now, that will allow you to have a “mini-experience” of what you think will help you feel and be wealthy.

This simple real life experience will help you to feel wealthy and choose to be wealthy right now.





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