The Miracle of Creative Visualisation

How do you intend to use creative visualisation?

A great majority of people utilise it to obtain material possessions. And of course, there’s not a thing wrong with this, but what you may not know is that creative visualisation allows for the manifestation of much more than simple objects!

If you utilise creative visualisation as it is intended, you can actually change your entire life.

Whether it is the power of suggestion or something bigger, the belief in what you’re attempting to obtain is stronger than you realise. Concentrating and focusing on a very specific outcome can, indeed, lead to it.

How magical is that??

You probably haven’t heard the name Morris Goodman.

That’s no surprise. Goodman was a very successful insurance salesman who was well-versed in creative visualisation. He had, in fact, used it to build his entire insurance business.

But in the 1980’s, after a plane crash, Morris was rendered paralyzed, unable to use any part of his body other than his brain, and unable to breathe on his own with the help of a ventilator.

Sadly, doctors were not hopeful that he would ever walk or breathe on his own ever again.

His family was notified, and plans were made to give Morris the best quality of life that he could have with his new limitations.

While still in the hospital, Morris communicated with the staff and his own family by blinking his eyes. What he told them surprised everybody – that he planned on walking out of the hospital on his own.

Morris used the process of creative visualisation to see and feel himself breathing and walking all on his own.

He saw what it would look like when he left the hospital, and even the very route he would take home.

He envisioned the astonished looks he’d get from passers-by, and the smile he’d return their amazement with.

At one point, he convinced the medical staff that he wanted to attempt breathing on his own.

He claimed he had an urge to breathe on his own and he wanted to try.

They removed the ventilator tube … and he did indeed breathe on his own.

From that point on, his recovery took on a life of its own, and in time, he walked out of the hospital on his own two feet – something that the hospital staff never thought they’d see.

He continued on with his successful insurance business, and also became a motivational speaker, proving that it only takes the brain and creative visualisation to change your entire world.


Of course, really feeling and being in your chosen future demands you spend some time and make an effort to help get the picture solid in your mind, no matter what your goal is.

This means not only knowing what you want but also giving some thought as to how your best future will come about.

That doesn’t mean you’ll know how it will happen, but even just actively imagining yourself achieving your success, wealth, abundance will help make it happen.

Because it’s often easier to envision objects, asking for physical manifestations of your intentions is often a good place to start.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t differentiate between large and small requests, but human minds do.

You’ll feel far more convinced of your own abilities to encourage good fortune to come your way when you start small.

What makes visualisation actually useful are the little details.

You need to actually see and feel and essentially “be” in your own future.

The more detailed your image of the future you desire is; the more likely you are to make it come true. This may involve visiting the objects you desire, or even cutting a picture of what you want out of a catalogue.

For instance, if you want a car, decide what car that is, right down to every detail.

Then go test drive one.



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If you have no idea how you’ll be able to afford it, don’t think about it … you don’t want to re-enforce any negative messages.

Drive that car around, then go home, and clearly remember every little aspect of that test drive. Imagine yourself behind the wheel and how good it did and will feel.

The more convincing the image, the more powerful it is.

Use this same technique for being in your best possible life.

Go spend the afternoon having a coffee at that super fancy restaurant you know all the wealthy people go to. Take the afternoon off so you can go to Harrods and emerge yourself in the wealthy, abundant lifestyle.

Start to step into the future you and bring tiny bits into reality NOW.

This will enhance your visualisation and give them even more power as you’ll have real-life experience and memories to draw from.

This is super powerful.

Give it a try.





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