The very first step to success & wealth


What is the VERY first step to creating an abundance of success, wealth, happiness and fulfilment in life?

Interesting question … and the answer is super simple too.

If you want to be more successful in any area of your life, and especially if you’re into wealth building, then there is one single step you MUST take before anything else.

Nothing can affect any kind of positive change in your success or wealth building journey until and unless this step is taken first.

Recently I came across the best-written example I’ve ever seen that emphasizes the importance of this crucial concept.

I don’t know who originally wrote it, but I found it in a great book called ‘The PowerMind System’.

It’s a poem called, “It’s Your Fault”:

If you hate your job and you DECIDE to stay there … it’s your fault.

If someone offers you a better job, but it requires you to move to another city but you CHOOSE not to move … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE to save no money during your working lifetime, winding up broke and embarrassed at age 65, dependent on charities for survival … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE not to study or read in your chosen field and find yourself never rising above mere mediocrity … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE to spend more money than you make, running yourself into debt by satisfying one capricious whim after another … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE to waste all your time on meaningless activities, neglecting all the important things you could do with your life … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE never to read a self-help book and then suffer dramatically because you are ignorant of success principles … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE to spend no time building a loving relationship with your spouse and your spouse divorces you … it’s your fault.

If your life isn’t working out well and you DECIDE to do nothing about it … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE never to help anyone else in life and wind up lonely … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE on goals that are completely self-serving and you have a hard time getting others to support you … it’s your fault.

If you DECIDE never to pray and find that God works no miracles in your life … it’s your fault.

So, what is the first step to wealth building or success in any area of your life? The first step is to take ‘personal responsibility’ for where you are, for what you have, and for what you create. The only one who is responsible for the way your life works out is you. You can’t ‘change’ the past, but you can take responsibility for controlling your future. All it takes is to DECIDE. DECIDE now to take personal responsibility for turning your future into the future you want it to be.





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