Everyone has a belief system about the basics in life: For example, about religion.

You can probably put a name to your own personal religious system … even if that name happens to be agnosticism or atheism.

When it comes to religion, most people know what they believe, but the amazing thing about finances is that most people take their money beliefs for granted, and don’t even question them.

When you first started using the law of attraction to manifest more money into your life, did you stop and think about your money belief system, and how it was going to affect your ability to reach your financial goals?

Did you make specific financial goals?

Did you know what you want to spend every penny on?

Did you feel aligned to wanting this amount of money?

If you answered “no”, then it’s time to revisit what you believe about money. 

If you answered “yes, but I’m frustrated because I’m nowhere near where I thought I would be financially” … that goes for you too.

Let’s take a look at common money beliefs that trip people up … every day … as well as common money mistakes. See how well you can actually answer the following questions. I’m including multiple-choice answers to help you get going and stretch those money muscles.



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What do you believe about “getting rich”? 

  • It only happens to others
  • It’s immoral
  • The Universe can supply enough for everybody
  • I can’t wait to be rich!

Which of the following describes your internal “deserve level”?

  • I never seem to have enough. The Universe hates me.
  • If I get money, something bad happens to take it away.
  • It’s amazing how I just get by with enough to meet my basic needs—but not a penny left over
  • I feel like a fraud, so I don’t charge what others charge for the same services
  • I’m ready to step up and make enough money to reach all my goals—and have some left over to help others with

Which of these statements feels most true for you?

  • “Money is the root of all evil”
  • Money is something that other people have
  • Money isn’t important: Helping others is all I really care about
  • Money is something I make easily—but I never seem to have enough for my needs!
  • Money is usually the last thing I think about—until I need to pay a bill
  • Money is a game to me; not a goal
  • Money is a powerful tool that helps me through life
  • Money allows me to help people—including myself
Before you ever try and manifest a dime, sit down and really think about your financial belief system.

In addition to answering the previous questions for yourself … write down all the common mantras you find yourself using, whenever you think of money … for example …

“Money is the root of all evil”

“I’m not very good with money”

“I never have enough”

“Money causes me to much stress”

It’s like facing the Boogeyman.

When you sit down and really look at a Boogeyman, you almost inevitably realise you’ve made him bigger than he needs to be and given him too much power … and what’s more, you realise that he’s just a Boogeyman and doesn’t even exist!

It’s the same with money beliefs buried deep in your subconscious.

These are usually so deep, they go back a long way … Maybe even back to childhood.

Often, these beliefs are not even yours. They’re beliefs you inherit from parents and grandparents.

Me personally … I had it DRILLED into me that I would have to work HARD if I wanted to make lots of money. I watch both my parents work 7 days a week, from morning till late at night. They worked liked dogs, in jobs they didn’t like and side hustles of their own. They were (and still are) the most hardworking people I have ever met … yet … they have nothing to show for it.

As a kid, I wasn’t spoiled but I didn’t have everything I wanted or needed either. We never went on proper holidays and we would always have to have the cheap knockoff versions of everything. My parents may have worked hard … but they never had a lot of money.

Growing up and hearing my Dad drill into me that I had to work hard to earn good money and watching him and my mum work so hard, I took this belief on as my own.

As a young adult, I worked my little ass off … for very little. I never seemed to have enough, no matter how hard I grafted.

Now I know this is not true at all. This was a money story I was telling myself.

I know now that making money is easy. Money flows to me with ease and all I have to do is keep following my passion and the money will continue to flow.


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These deeply-ingrained beliefs and mantras that we aren’t even aware of (but repeat to ourselves over and over) are the types of money beliefs it’s especially hard to transform.

Sometimes we need extra support from a coach or something to get past childhood “stuff” … but very often, it’s simply a matter of looking at what we deeply believe and asking oneself ‘is that a valid belief? Is that statement actually true?’

I’m willing to bet that if you take time to answer the questions above and examining your frequently-repeated money mantras, you won’t need an expert to tell you which of those answers are true or valid … and which are negative and self-defeating.

Trust your own intuition.

Trust your skills and experience.

You are more powerful and more capable of generating the income you want than you think.

Start by making a commitment to throw out negative money beliefs and replace those harmful, untrue mantras with positive, new ones.

Understanding your money story is the very first step you MUST take BEFORE you even start trying to manifest money into your life … so use the questions above to help you find your real money story.





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